Surfaces and types of Graffiti we remove:

We also offer monthly maintenance plans for our worst affected customers; very simply we will keep your building or area free of graffiti all the time for a set monthly retainer.

Graffiti barriers are in demand for buildings with an ongoing graffiti problem, we are more than happy to offer some ideas on how to fully protect your building.

Sidewalk and gum cleaning, we also get many requests to clean and remove gum from sidewalks. Just let us know your requirements and we can get back with some quotes.

Our main focus for Graffiti and paint Removal is downtown Toronto and Mississauga but we also remove Graffiti in Richmond Hill , Newmarket, Oakville, Vaughn, Toronto, Markham


Graffiti and paint Removal in Toronto
We can remove Graffiti on virtually all surfaces no matter how difficult it may to be remove. We will also provide you with one quote.

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